Scala, Scala and nothing more

After so many posts on Scala, many snippets of code, and many weird concepts, there comes a post that had been pending since almost the beginning of this blog. What resources exist to learn Scala? Well … now we show our favorites.


Books: a good starting point 🙂

  • Programming in Scala: a classic. Written by the very Odersky and with the third edition hot off the press.
  • Funcional Programming in Scala (also known, in an effort of originality and simplicity, as the red book). A book that opens the mind to the functional paradigm and it is advisable not only for people who want to program in Scala, but for people who are interested in functional programming.

Courses: to deepen a bit more.

  • On the online courses, Coursera and the new specialization of functional programming in Scala they have all the monopoly. It consists of 4 courses + 1 project and discusses in depth the most important aspects of Scala.
  • Furthermore, scala-exercises allows us to practice in a faster way, but no less effective. Fully recommended.

Events: not only to drink beer  😉

  • Scala Days : Undoubtedly the most important annual convention about Scala. Since a year, there are two conventions at year: one in America and one in Europe. In addition, all the videos of the talks are published 🙂
  • Scala World: UK convention with a warm welcome and where you can hear and see some of the biggest Scala gurus.
  • Scala eXchange: another of the best known conventions. It takes place on December in London.

These are the resources that we know and that we found interesting. Without doubt, there are many more that we left unsaid. If you missing some resource on this list, any contribution is welcome 🙂



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