Scala granita

Today’s post has something different (not only the mini-post format). We’ve been thinking, and talking about Scala unrelated stuff is sometimes nice as well.

Baby steps

We have to admit that this has been a good semester for Scalera. At the beginning we were only two monkeys writing about Scala and now…well, we’re actually the same monkeys, but it looks like people is getting used to read the blog, and that’s cool. Cool for Scala, and for all of us, the people that suffer enjoy the language features. If with that tiny action, we’ve made that someone else comes aboard to this crazy world, we’re fully satisfied. 🙂

On the other hand, we also have to admit that we never thought about the tough it can be writing a post per week (translations included), and that’s why we’ve decided to take a break next month, with the intentions of coming back in september, fully fresh and recovered.


About Scalera’s TODO list after summer

At first, we want to be a pain in the neck at Codemotion (like last year with Scala@RealLife), but there are remaining votations in the communities for choosing best speech proposals ^^


Besides that, we consider that a blog cannot be followed without being able to prove it with a geek t-shirt or a coffee cup…we’ll think a little bit about how to mend that 🙂

And like the old cassettes yelled: “And much more stuff!”

If you have any comment/sugestion/idea for improving the blog, feel free to leave a comment on this post 😉


See you in september.
Happy summer.
Press like and ‘suscrb plz’.



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