Welcome, “Amigos”

Another Scala blog ¬¬? Well… yep, but this one’s written by funny, cool people from Spain!


More than 3 years ago, when we started to dive into Scala at work, we (aka the brave ones) soon found out that documentation was scarce, and the little that existed was so cold, so deprived of motherly love… in short, you couldn’t understand any of it.

Several years have gone by, meet-up groups have been created, talks have been organized, VIP Scala developers are invited to give conferences… it’s been a huge rush, indeed. However, market still lacks developers skilled in this language, capable of not only replacing Java’s syntax for Scala’s but also adopting functional’s way of thinking as their own, which is essential to get to feel comfortable with this demoniac language lovely creature.


When talking about this with my mate a few days ago, we realized that, even if this need may be not as imperative as it was, it still exists. Each time, more and more people want to become close to the language or to functional programming in general and it is still tough: no tips, faqs, common mistakes…

What we will do here is to try and fill those gaps by giving you a little of our time and a lot of our will.

So, enough chitchat. Let’s go!



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